We exist so that Sonax and Koch don't feel alone.

Current bestsellers

Super Heavy Cut 442

Content: 250 Stück (€0.06* / 1 Stück)

Rim Cleaner

Content: 500 Milliliter (€0.02* / 1 Milliliter)

Clean Star APC

Content: 5 Liter (€5.61* / 1 Liter)

Variants from €12.58*
For do-it-yourselfers

Our DIY series for private use

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For professional requirements

Efficient vehicle care for commercial professionals.

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Something for everyone. Our series.

Dynamic Series

For private gloss lovers

Still Sonwax? No, much better and easier. Try our Do It Yourself Line, whether at home or in the washbox.

For private use only

Professional Series

For the demanding professional

Polish in a canister - for all those who valet more than two cars a day. Professionality for professionals - our care products for professional requirements.

Exclusive Line

For perfectionists

Discover a real alternative. Faster to a better result - promised. Our Exclusive Line is the state of the art in vehicle care.

For anyone who wants more

The unbeatable gloss quartet.

These professional polishes cover at least 90% of all professional applications.  
The ideal gloss solution for vehicle detailers and painters.
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Polish and protect in a single operation.

With our ONE STEP 445, you can polish and protect in just one step.  Car wash scratches are effortlessly removed and an excellent gloss finish is achieved with maximum long-term protection.  
This makes your work much more efficient.
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You have to be able to treat yourself sometimes! 

That's why we're treating ourselves to a little brand refresh and would like to announce the renewal of our brand logo in time for our company's tenth anniversary. 

With this fresh design, we want to reflect our development and growth in recent years. The new logo symbolises our consistency, innovation and look to the future. We are proud to further strengthen our brand and look forward to the next successful years together with our loyal car care enthusiasts.

For all those who love clean cars.
Whether it's a racing car, luxury car or Golf, whether commercial or private, this is the way to make your car shine - for a long time to come.

A gleaming car in just a few clicks.

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Developed to make the difference.

Simple. Efficient. More beautiful. 

carwaxX offers professional car polishes for all common polishing stages that are easy to use. Tailored to the requirements of car valeting, paint shops and private use. High-quality car polishes and perfectly matched polishing accessories from carwaxX ensure efficient economy and more beautiful results than you are used to.

Our Vision

We help people to enjoy their vehicles for a long time by offering customised care products of the highest quality that are easy to use.

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