Super Heavy Cut 442


Content: 250 Stück (€0.08* / 1 Stück)
CUT: 9
Field of application: Polishes
Product type: Polishes, Polishes
Series: Professional
Product number: 44202

carwaxX® Super Heavy Cut 442 is the abrasive polish for extra heavy-duty polishing tasks.  



- Very high sanding effect 

- Improved gloss 

- Faster and even more efficient scratch removal 

- Covers many problem cases and remains workable for an extra long time 

- Suitable for all types of paint 

- Silicone-free 


The latest and most innovative abrasives guarantee a higher polishing performance in combination with a significantly improved surface quality. 

carwaxX® Super Heavy Cut 442 removes scratches up to a grit size of 1000 on original and repair paintwork. Innovative oils and lubricants ensure a high gloss and extra-long workability. Thanks to the fast and convincing results even with low product usage, carwaxX® Super Heavy Cut 442 is also a real economic advantage. 



We recommend using carwaxX® Super Heavy Cut 442 with a rotary polishing machine and a hard polishing pad or lambskin pad at a speed of 1200-1800 rpm. Remove any product residue with a soft microfiber cloth. For a perfect result, make sure that the polish is evenly distributed over the entire polishing pad. 


Important notes 


The surface must be clean. Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry. Protect from frost. 


Keep out of the reach of children. 


Requirements to be met by storerooms and containers: Store only in the original container. 

Recommended storage temperature: 15-25°C


Packaging: HDPE bottle push-pull

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